Luxury In Motion: Meet The Mercedes Benz F 015


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The world of automobiles has moved on to more detailed ergonomic and aesthetic features which are made evident in concept cars released by automobile companies to show how far their projection into the future is. Mercedes being one of the top class automobile manufacturer never cease to amaze with its amazing concepts as the F 015 comes with nothing short of amazing design and features.

Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion
Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion

The Mercedes Benz F 015 as dubbed ‘Luxury in Motion’ does justice to its motto as it comes bearing top of the line specs and design.

The concept vehicle according to the car manufacturer boasts of both manual and autonomous driving systems in case you need to sit back and relax.

Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion
Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion

Also added on the concept vehicle are properties which includes:

Smart Body Structure that combines carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum and high-strength steels

Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion

Front and rear LED modules that communicate with the outside world

Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion

Variable seating system with four rotating lounge chairs

Open-pore walnut wood floor

White nappa leather seats

Six display screens that form a 360° virtual arena

Saloon-style doors that open a full 90°

A PRE-SAFE® Body Structure that inflates on impact, absorbing the energy of a collision

Electric drive system capabilities.

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