Makarfi promises transparent, free, fair elective convention for PDP

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Ahmed Makarfi

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Caretaker Committee has assured that its elective convention scheduled for December would be transparent and fair.

The Chairman of the caretaker committee, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi, gave the assurance when he received a delegation of former National Working Committee of the party on Tuesday in Abuja.

He said that though there would always be attempt by some people to be “crowned’’, the party leadership would not do such a thing.

Makarfi, who described the convention as “a process’’, said that it was important that PDP come out of that convention strong and united.



“When we were in the Supreme Court, we were in the `intensive care unit’.

“When they bring you out of the unit, they put you under observation before they take you to a general ward.

“So now, we are in a general observation, that is the convention, and after that, the nomination processes for the elections will be the final.

“ If we get all these processes right, there is no reason why the PDP will not be in power at the centre in 2019.

“Together, I am confident we will get there. The fact that we stumbled here and there does not mean we don’t have the capacity to rise again,’’ he said.



Makarfi urged leaders at all levels in authority to be fair to all.

He said “power is transient, it is like sleep, you wake up and it is no longer there.

“When you are in a position, be guided by a sense of fairness, justice and equity and you will be able to sleep well.

“You can’t satisfy everybody but if you are convinced and it is obvious that you gave your best, I tell you, you’ll remain standing and strong.

“That is what leadership at all levels is all about, whether it is political party leadership, legislative or executive.

“We should remember that one day, it can be us and at other times, it can be other people. Respect is reciprocal and it flows.”



Makarfi pledged to work with the forum of the former NWC Members of PDP and other stakeholders.

“Quite a good number of you have actually been assisting us in the job that we are doing.

“PDP is a family and it should continue to be one.’’

Earlier, leader of the delegation, Dr Kema Chikwe, had expressed optimism that Makarfi’s leadership would organise an elective convention that all would be proud off.

“We believe that the criteria that will be adopted by NWC in the preparations for the convention in December will minimize controversies and crises.

“We strongly believe in your ability to conduct a credible process, conscious of the rebranding of our great party,” Chikwe said.

She commended Makarfi’s leadership style for showing respect for PDP Constitution, saying that he had carved a place for itself in the history of politics in Nigeria.

“For PDP, it was a case of to be or not to be.

“But, this NWC displayed uncommon courage in the face of intimidation, threat, and insecurity from different quarters and fought their way through the Supreme Court to record a landmark victory.

“The party is now facing a trying period of rebuilding and repositioning.

“You scored another phenomenal victory by organizing the August non-elective convention where strategic decisions for the future strengthening of the party were taken,’’ she said.

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