Man and His Environment Meets at Morphogenesis Exhibition


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Man has always had a destructive relationship with his environment, rather than appreciating the surroundings that hold the fabric of the human race, man would rather ignore the didactic beauty of his home.

Man and his environment serve as the inspiration for ‘Morphogenesis’ created and assembled by John Madu.

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The theme of John Madu’s work is drawn from his perception of the human psyche, and studies of Elsie Lincoln Benedict’s research “how to analyze people on sight” based on the untapped resources of the mind and digression of human relationships.

Morphogenesis explores the correlation of man as an organism and the way he relates to his environment and the effect his environment has on him.

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Each piece of art embodies the man or woman in each context acknowledging or ignoring the vast realities of the world around him or her.

The exhibition will run from 11th to 21st September 2015 at Didi Museum located at No.175 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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