Man beheads 50-year-old step mother for rituals


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A middle aged man identified as Echeno Adakole yesterday threw the people of Obaganya community, a suburb in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, into sorrow and gloom as he beheaded his 50-year-old step-mother, Titi Enokela.

The alleged was reported to have laid ambush for his stepmother at a family farm settlement. He was reported to have hit her on the head with a piece of wood an thereafter cut her head off for ritual purpose.

He proceeded to wrap the dead woman’s head in her clothes and put it in a polythene bag.

Mourning family members reported that “family members noticed that the woman had not returned from the farm and it was getting dark. Her children and other family members went looking for her; they found her headless body tucked away in a corner of the family farm.

“They all raced back home wailing and crying for help, only to discover the severed head of the woman with her step-son, who was acting strange and making moves to flee from home.”

The family source added that upon discovering the head, a mob quickly materialised with the aim of lynching the accused but the prompt response of the police avoided that.

Adding that; “As a result of tension in the community, the Police Area Command hurriedly moved the suspect out of the area to the State Command Headquarters in Makurdi,”.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Moses Yamu, when contacted confirmed the story, he added that the state Police Command was still actively investigating the matter.

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