Man Donates Old £1 Nigerian Note During Service


Many youths of today do not know that Nigeria once used foreign currencies as official money before changing to the naira notes that we have now.


A young ladyknown as @Reetah_kay on Twitter, has uploaded images of  the old ‘one pound’ that a Nigerian man in her church dropped in an offering basket as tithe.

she revealed that the currency was last in use in the 1970’s saying its lifespan was between 1907 and 1973.

She speculated about how someone could have kept such a currency for that long only to dispose of it in an offering basket

Many Nigerian youths are not aware that Nigeria once used foreign currency as its official money before the naira note of today.

Her post reads: “After Sunday service those counting the money did their work and guess what they found? ‘Nigeria’s own One Pound’ I mean ‘one pound’ used between d year 1907 and 1973… Now my question is, how did dis person manage to keep dis currency till date?”

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