Man Jailed for Spending COVID-19 Relief Funds on Strip Clubs

He Also Bought a New Lamborghini


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The United States Government has jailed a 29 year old man from Texas for fraud after he collected COVID-19 relief funds and went on a splurge.

Lee Price III from Texas blessed strippers and bought a new Lamborghini Urus with $1.6 million he got from the US Government to pay workers he did not have.

According to the Department of Justice, Lee was the recipient of two separate loans from the Federal Government under the Paycheck Protection Program to pay for non-existence employees who couldn’t supposedly go to work due to the coronavirus inspired restrictions on Businesses.

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He used two companies, Price Enterprises Holdings to launder $900,000 and 713 Construction which also got $700,000 as payment for employees who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investigators however discovered that none of the companies had employees and one of the individuals listed as CEO on the loan applications died one month before the application for COVID-19 assistance was submitted.

Lee was further accused of splurging on luxury goods like a Rolex watch, an F-350 pickup truck as well as some real estate and thousands more at strip clubs in Houston.

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