Man Kidnaps Female Colleague, Rapes Her For Days To Convince Her To Convert To Islam


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An Indian Muslim man has been arrested by police for allegedly abducting a female colleague, locking her up in his apartment for five days and raping her, just so he could convince her to convert to Islam and marry him.

The 30-year-old engineer, Syen Emad Hasan, who worked in a Dell Computer repairs shop in Hyderabad, India, reportedly proposed to the 27-year-old lady, who has not been named for legal reasons, but she turned him down on the grounds that her family would not permit an inter-religious marriage.

The duo worked together at the repairs shop before the victim had to leave because of ceaseless harassment from the suspect.

According to Daily Mail, the lady was on a work trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates when he proposed to her but she had to cut short the trip because of constant harassment from Hasan.

Reports say she confronted him on getting back to India from her trip to Dubai, which caused the suspect to kidnap her and lock her up in his flat in the al-Hasanath colony.

Police said he took away her phone, forcefully extracted password information to access her social media accounts and logged on to the accounts while pretending to be her.

She finally managed to access her Facebook account after four days in captivity and sent a message to her friend, with a plea that the friend contact members of her family about her situation.

Police said the friend contacted the victim’s brother, who lived about 280 miles from Hyderabad.

The brother then made the journey and, accompanied by policemen, stormed the building where his sister was being held.

The victim was reportedly found bound in the bathroom of the apartment with visible signs of physical abuse on her body, including injuries to the head and face.

While Hasan has claimed they were dating, the victim has denied the claim.

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