Man Kills Second Wife With The Help Of First Wife


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Omen Mabhena a 40-year-old man along with his first wife, Elizabeth Chidzanga of Virginia Valley farm compound in Gweru, Zimbabwe, are fleeing capture after they plotted and killed the second wife, Dorcas Edith Moyo.

Mabhena allegedly hid her body in a disused mine shaft, with his accomplice of the first wife.

Police in Gweru began searching for the suspect after residents reported the crime.

An anonymous source close to the case stated that Mabhena had had an argument with Moyo on April 22. “On Sunday around 7pm, Mabhena had quarrelled with Moyo, accusing her of infidelity.

“They were heard by their neighbour, Mr. Thomas Zimba, who soon left for work,” said a source.

“From April 22 to 24, Zimba the neighbour did not see Moyo around the compound and he became suspicious.

“On the same day at around 1pm, Mr Zimba saw Mabhena and first wife Chidzanga preparing for a journey, which further raised his suspicions.

“He asked Mabhena about Moyo’s whereabouts and he never gave a satisfactory answer,” the source added.

Another source said that around 7pm, Zimba informed another neighbour, Mr. Twoboy Nemagonde, about his suspicions before the two proceeded to the police to make a report.

“On April 25, Zimba discovered that Mabhena and his first wife had fled from the compound.

“On the same day, police mobilised a search party and Moyo’s body was discovered in a disused mine shaft,” said the source.

The body was found decomposing and police have launched a manhunt for the two suspects.

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