Man mistakenly kills son-in-law on his birthday


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A man has killed his son-in-law by accident after he tried to surprise him to celebrate his 61st birthday.

According to reports, Richard Dennis fired his gun on son-in-law Christopher Bergan after the young man showed up in front of his house in Pensacola on the night of October 1st, 2019.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson has described the killing of 37-year-old Christopher Bergan as a horrible accident . 

Christopher Bergan who lives in Norway, is married to Dennis’ daughter and they both have a son together. However, Christopher left Norway for Florida to surprise his father-in-law on his 61st birthday. His flight arrived late and he did not get to his father-in-law’s home until 11:30pm

Dennis had no idea he would be receiving a guest. Christopher and his wife kept this information from him as it was meant to be a surprise. 

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According to Denis, he heard someone banging his backdoor late in the night around 11:30pm. Dennis turned on the light on the porch just before Christopher emerged from a bush nearby, making a growling sound to scare his father-in-law. 

Instead of getting scared, Dennis fired his gun at the impostor. The gun shot hit Bergan straight in the chest, piercing his heart and killing him instantly.

It was after he died, that Dennis identified the impostor as his son-in-law. And he has been wearing a sombre expression ever since the unfortunate incident occurred.

Sheriff Bob Johnson revealed that Dennis will not be prosecuted as no charges were warranted in the shooting, saying that “it should never have happened”

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