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Man savagely assaults mother of his 3-day-old child

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A 40-year-old man, Gary Peoples is currently in jail after he brutally beat his wife who had just been delivered of their baby.

The incident which happened exactly three days after the young lady, Kerry Armstrong, gave birth to the new child, left her with bruises and severely swollen face.

Peoples is said to have equally assaulted his wife’s 13-year-old daughter too.

According to reports, he continuously punched Kerry on her face before thumping her with his leg.

Despite his aggression, Kerry quickly protected her newly born child by using her body as a shield from her husband’s kicks.

Man savagely assaults mother of his 3-day-old child

Peoples was subsequently arraigned in court for assaulting his wife and during the hearing, the prosecuting counsel was able to establish that Kerry and Peoples had been in an argument in their flat before Peoples resorted into attacking her, despite the fact that she had their baby within her arms.

When Kerry’s young daughter came into the room to ascertain what was going on, Peoples pounced on her, grappled her, before throwing her against the wall of the room.

After holding her back for many hours, Kerry was able to escape the apartment with her daughter and headed straight to her brother’s house where the case was reported to the authorities.

In court, Peoples confessed that he assaulted his wife and her 13-year old daughter.

After hearing his plea through his lawyer, the judge that presided over the case sentenced Peoples to 20 months imprisonment.

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