Man Utd: Ole Gunnar Reflects On Having Maguire, Ronaldo In His Team

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Man Utd: Ronaldo, Ole Gunnar

Former Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has reminisced on his tenure at the club, touching on the disappointment that followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s return, and his views on the abuse directed at Harry Maguire.

The Herald gathered that Solskjaer acknowledged that while the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo seemed like the right move at the time, it didn’t pan out as expected.

He recalled the faith he had when Ronaldo rejoined Manchester United. The manager also noted that he made significant signings like Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho to strengthen the squad. However, the season took a different turn, far from what he expected.

“It was about taking the next step to challenge for the title, and unfortunately, it just didn’t work out,” Solskjaer admitted.

He emphasized that the decision to sign Ronaldo was challenging to turn down, given his status as one of the world’s best goal-scorers, but it didn’t ultimately yield the desired results.

Solskjaer also recalled a period in the season that was marked by tough fixtures against top teams, where things didn’t go their way.

He pointed out that at the time, maintaining a united group was essential for success, and when challenges came up, some players’ egos became more prominent.

Regarding his best signings during his tenure, Solskjaer highlighted the impact of Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire.

He praised Bruno Fernandes for immediately lifting the team with his contributions. Solskjaer also expressed his dismay at the abuse Maguire has been receiving, describing it as a “disgrace.”

He empathized with Maguire and acknowledged his role in strengthening the defence and boosting morale at the club.

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