‘Manchester United Are a Laughing Stock’- Paul Ince


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Former Manchester United players have in recent times taken to bashing the club and its coach Jose Mourinho.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Paul Ince who accused the club of being in a total mess

Manchester United fell to a surprising defeat to Brighton, conceding 3 in the first half and goals from Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba were not enough to earn a draw.

Following this defeat, many have criticised the club and its policies

Ince said: “Other clubs and fans are having a field day at the minute, seeing what is happening at Manchester United. They’re becoming a laughing stock, and falling behind,”

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“They finished second last season, and will probably make the top four this year, but is that what they should be striving for? No.

“Realistically, their goal should be to win the Premier League. But they just cannot compete with Manchester City or Liverpool at the minute.

“If they lose against Tottenham on Monday, for example, they could find themselves six points behind City with three games gone already.”

Ince is also not buying Mourinho’s defence that the club didn’t invest in the players he wanted and the former Manchester United midfielder believes that the Portuguese is a huge factor in United’s decline

“At Manchester United, everything from top to bottom is in chaos, and it shows. Everyone – from Jose Mourinho not getting his transfer targets to the frustrated players and fans – look unhappy. So how do you expect to win anything?” he added.

“That’s the whole lot, from the top down, Ed Woodward, Jose Mourinho, Paul Pogba, everything is a total mess. You would never have seen this going on with Sir Alex Ferguson as manager, especially not playing out in public.

“I could see why it would be playing on the minds of supporters that this season might end up like the Chelsea 2015-16 one.

“I can see now that fans are turning against Jose Mourinho, and I can understand why. When you see Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham – they’re all playing the kind of football you expect from a Manchester United side.

“After last year, the way he set up his teams and some of the football the fans had to endure, you’d have thought he’d have tried a different technique this time around.

“I watched the game on Sunday, and I physically couldn’t see what Mourinho and United were trying to do. There was no game-plan whatsoever.”

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