Man’s Manhood remains Erect For Three Days After Ingesting Sexual Stimulant (PHOTOS)


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A man has been hospitalized after his manhood remained erect for three days.

A Mexican man whose identity is undisclosed for security reasons is receiving medical treatment after ingested a sexual stimulant meant for breeding bulls.

Mexican news agency La Republica reported how a certain man traveled to Vera Cruz to purchase a sexual stimulant from farmers to enhance his sexual performance.

He had already made plans to engage in kinky sexual activities with his 30-year-old belle.

However, his plans got thwarted when his manhood remained erect for three days.

He was taken to a specialized hospital where he had to undergo surgery to bring down his erection

‘He was hospitalised in the Specialised Hospital 270 of the city of Reynosa’, Doctors told the newspaper.

‘He had taken a sexual stimulant which he had bought in Veracruz, used by farmers in that region to invigorate bulls for insemination.’

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We are yet to ascertain the success of the surgery at the time of this report.

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