Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk Agree To a Cage Match In The Octagon

The business and Twitter 'beef' between tech founders Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk took an unexpected twist, as the duo challenged each other to a mixed marshal arts fight in the Octagon Arena

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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg exchanged ‘word’ jabs on Twitter that may just lead to a ‘cage match’ between the two ‘mathletes’ in the near future. The exchange of tweets was initiated by Mr Musk.

It started Tuesday night when Musk posted a message on his social media platform Twitter that he was “up for a cage fight” with Mr Zuckerberg.


Mr Musk then replied to Mr Zuckerberg’s response with: “Vegas Octagon.”


As Daily Caller reports, the spat appears to have grown from business-related jabs.

Musk mocked an article which claimed Zuckerberg is creating a “rival” app to take on Twitter. The article claimed that the purported rival app would be for “sanely run” and “integrate Instagram and Twitter rival Mastodon.”

Zuckerberg also implied that Twitter is underperforming its potential in a recent podcast interview with Lex Fridman.

“I have this great move that I call “The Walrus”, where I just lie on top of my opponent & do nothing,” Musk added later, apparently mocking his physical appearance. Right now the odds favor Zuckerberg…

Which makes sense given that the 39-year-old has recently transformed himself into an aspirational MMA fighter who is already winning Jiu-Jitsu tournaments – even if the 53-year-old Musk has the advantage in terms of sheer physical size, and has talked about being in “real hard-core street fights” when he was growing up in South Africa.

Right now the odds favor Zuckerberg…



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