Mark Zuckerberg congratulated President Trump on a successful campaign after his election victory

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New reports emerging indicate that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called then president-elect Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election – and also allegedly congratulated him on his “successful [advertising] campaign on Facebook”.

It has earlier been reported in May 2017 that Trump and Zuckerberg had spoken multiple times over the phone since the election

One of such reports claim Zuckerberg placed the secret call a few days after the election to heap praise on the Trump campaign team for its successful use of Facebook as an advertising.

In her internal memos and presentations,Facebook has acknowledged how successful Trump was at leveraging the social network to reach voters.

Facebook even used the then-Republican candidate’s strategy to hone a model — called “Test, Learn, Adapt” — to evaluate its own advertising, according to the report.

Mark Zuckerberg
Trump being sworn in after his shock victory

According to an internally-circulated white paper obtained by Bloomberg, the Trump campaign spent $44 million testing 5.9 million versions of ads from June to November 2016, while in comparison, Clinton spent just $28 million testing 66,000 different ads during the same period.

The paper suggested that the Trump campaign’s Facebook strategy was “more complex than Clinton’s and better leveraged Facebook’s ability to optimize for outcomes.”

But Facebook has been reticent to publicly praise the Trump campaign’s use of its platform, drawing the wrath of some former campaign members who believe they deserve more credit.

“I believe Facebook was a great platform for the President,” Trump 2016 campaign digital director Brad Parscale told Buzz Feed News. “I’m completely disappointed that Facebook won’t step up and announce to the world how well we used the platform and that we changed the way Facebook advertising will work in the future,” he said.

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