I married into a ritualist family, help!


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Dear Mimi,

I am in big trouble. I recently married into a wealthy prominent family. My wedding was lavish and I was the envy of all my friends. You see in my younger years I was what people call a “runs girl.” Technically I only dated rich old men and did not sleep around but that is considered being a runs girl. I came from a very poor family and vowed to marry into money no matter what. Somehow I met a young guy my age from a rich family and we dated, fell in love and got married. I thought I had finally found my happily ever after but I was wrong. After the wedding, my father in law and uncles-in-law came to our house after we returned from our honeymoon. My husband told me that there is something all new wives have to go through so he will leave me with his father and uncles and will return in the evening. After he left these men surrounded me and told me that in order to maintain their family wealth all of them must sleep with a new wife and thats what they were here to do. I tried to run but the held me beat me and all nine of them raped me. After the ordeal an old woman came and bathe me with some ritual oil and water and I was made to sleep on a dirt floor till the next morning. When my husband returned and I confronted him, he told me that the wealth will help me get over it and I should stop complaining. Its been three months since this happened. I have seen these men at family functions and they all act like nothing happened. I am still expected to kneel and greet them and serve them but I am going crazy, I feel sick all the time, I even want to poison all of them and myself. What should I do?


rape-victim-667-06-1470467292demonstrator-placards-delhi-gang-rape-victim-121229Dear Sickened,

I am so sorry you went through this. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. I would advice you to report to the police but that may not be helpful in this situation if they are a wealthy and powerful family. Please seek counseling and treatment. Rape survivors often suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and need all the help and counseling possible. I know you always wanted to be in a rich family but is the money worth it? Save up some money and flee this family immediately. No matter what has happened you deserve healing and to be alive. You are valuable and worth it. Please do not kill yourself or these men. If you have access to money or bank accounts, start saving money somewhere safe. Gather enough to run far away and start a new life, even if its in another country. If you have a trusted friend or family memeber, confide in them and get their help in running away from this evil family. I wish you healing.




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