Mayor From Pennsylvania asked to resign over Racist Post

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The mayor of a small central Pennsylvania town has been asked to resign over a racist post on his Facebook page, including  two depicting apes with captions referring to President Barack Obama and his family and one referring to lynching.

It is reported that one image off his page is a wagon full of Orangutans which the caption “Aww moving day at the White House has finally arrived”. The wheelbarrow has the slogan “Kenya or bust” on it. It is also reported that a picture of a grinning Chimpanzee with a comment posted under it on Feb 14 saying “Most think it is Obama’s picture….. Sorry it’s Michelle’s baby photo-in reference to the First Lady. 



Mayor Charles Wasko who was elected Mayor in 2013 has been asked to resign by council members on both sides of the political aisle after the York dispatch reported the post on Wednesday.

According to Associated Press, the Mayor was reached by phone on Thursday and was quoted to have said he is the victim of a “witch-hunt” and would provide more details before hanging up the phone.

It is claimed that the Mayor is a Trump supporter.


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