Mazi Kanu Angry With South-East Governors For Rejecting IPOB Security Outfit


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Mazi Kanu Angry With South-East Governors For Rejecting IPOB Security Outfit
Mazi Kanu Angry With South-East Governors For Rejecting IPOB Security Outfit

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has blasted South-Eastern Governors for rejecting a security outfit the secessionist group recently launched.

The Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, released a statement, on Sunday, describing the actions of the Governors as “shameful display”.

“We condemn in very strong terms the recent shameful statement credited to Governor Dave Umahi on behalf of his fellow lily-livered and coward governors of the South-East against the newly established Eastern Security Network (ESN),” the statement partly read.

“Such a cowardly statement is nothing but a shameful display of their irredeemable enslavement and loyalty to their caliphate slave masters, who in the first place appointed them governors.

“They only further exposed their emptiness and detachment from the people. At a time when well-meaning individuals and groups from the entire southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt are hailing the setting up of the ESN, the so-called governors are busy advertising their opposition to the people they claim to be leading. Anyway, they never had the mandate of the people. So, we are not surprised,” the statement read.

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The statement went on to claim that the recently launched outfit was much welcome by all and sundry and as such, having a “rethink” was an effort in futility.

“Our message to the treacherous South-East governors and their South-South counterparts is that the train has since left the station and can’t reverse its cause.

“It’s pretty too late to have a rethink. The people have got what they long desired, which the cowardly governors failed to give them because of selfish political interests.

“May we remind the traitors that the eastern region cannot be sacrificed on the altar of their political interests. It’s either they key in or ship out. The East can exist without them. They should steer clear because they can’t withstand the force behind the ESN,” the statement continued.

The statement however clarified that the newly instituted “Eastern Security Network” was in no way an army, but, merely a vigilante group to “protect Biafrans against terrorists”.

“We reiterate that the ESN is not a Biafra army but a vigilante group established to protect Biafrans against terrorists. The outfit is only a child of necessity born to bridge the gap of leadership failure by both states and the Federal Government to protect lives and property of Biafrans, who are daily dehumanised, raped and killed by Fulani herdsmen and terrorists unchallenged by any security agency,” the statement read.

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