Meat Export In China Skyrockets Within The First 11 Months


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China, on Tuesday, reported an expansion of imported meat in the first 11 months to

meet the strong demands of the national market, according to the General

Administration of Customs (GAC).

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According to GAC, from January to November, the total amount of meat imports

reached 5.49 million tonnes, climbing 42 percent year on year.

In November, the country imported 644,000 tonnes of meat, surging 82 percent from

the same period in 2018, while pork imports increased 151.2 percent year on year to

stand at 230,000 tonnes.

GAC said to ensure the safety of imported meat, Chinese authorities stepped up to

enhance the supervision and refuse the entry of unqualified products.

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According to the Ministry of Commerce, China promised to further encourage meat

imports, allowing the total to potentially exceed 6 million tonnes in 2019.

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