Medical practitioner gives tips on detecting poor mental health


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Dr Amanda Iheme, a psychotherapist at Ndidi Health Clinic, Lagos, has advised people to carry out a self-assessment, to avoid or complicate mental health issues.

Iheme gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Lagos.

She said there were simple ways of knowing when to pay more attention to mental health.

According to her, when people observe that they exhibit behaviours that isolate them from others or people avoiding them, they should begin to ask questions.

“Why do people run away from me?

“When people start describing you as; ‘that one is always angry’, ‘you can’t talk to her’ or ‘she’s this kind of person’.

“And the description is negative, then, you need help.

“Then, it goes into how you feel about yourself; how are you talking about yourself?

“Do you think you’re good enough? Do you feel like you deserve love, are you always scared, do you have difficulty in processing emotions and opening up your vulnerabilities?

“Deep down, do you feel that there is a part of you that is limited or are you suffering from immense emotional pain?” the psychotherapist noted.

She further noted that people who seemed to have everything they want but still find themselves unhappy or feel something is wrong somewhere, should also seek help.

The psychotherapist advised people who can’t afford therapy to go online to access free online counselling from reputable organisations.

She recommended Mentally Aware and Listening Ear Africa, both mental health nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) that offer free counselling therapy. (NAN)

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