Meet The Beautiful Nigerian Soul Singer, Maka Sam-Ejehu

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Maka Sam-Ejehu is a beautiful Nigerian woman, a soul singer and a multi-talented artiste.

The singer recently took to her social media platform on Facebook to write to herself a tribute which reads:

I started off not knowing who you were. I had to discover new things about you as the years flew by – most of them were good, others a bit weird and disturbing. Regardless, I think I loved you all the same.
I had so much fun getting to know you during the secondary school days. I did not care about anything – not even boys. All I wanted to do was play and wih you, it came naturally.
Getting into the University, I discovered you started to change. The things that didn’t matter to you before had such a huge priority. I did not like that at all.
All the self consciousness that came with low self esteem. I had to talk some sense into you and thank God you listened.
You discovered music and dove all of you into it. Till now, you have not stopped.
After all these years, I have come to understand you a whole lot better.
You are a strong woman.
A talented woman.
A beautiful woman.
A complex woman.
You could be shy, but still very confident and sure of yourself.
You have a sense of humour I doubt anyone else could replicate.
You are an intelligent and smart woman.
You love God and are not afraid of letting people know that.
You struggle now and then with the straight and narrow life, but like King David, you are not afraid to ask God for help and forgiveness when you go astray.
You love, and love completely – I guess that’s why you very rarely go into it.
You have values you live by and cannot be shaken up under pressure.

Dear self, this is a tribute from me to me.
I love you and I know you are working hard to be a better person. Hopefully, I would succeed in putting you on a more healthy diet as we are not getting any younger.
I can’t wait to discover our future together!


See photos of the Nigerian singer below:

Watch her live performance below:

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