Meet Common Sense Senator, Ben Bruce’s Adopted Son

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Nigerian senator popularly called the ‘Common Sense’ Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has shared with Nigerians photos of his adopted son, Goodluck.

Ben Murray-Bruce took to his social media page to share photos of the young boy whom he took to Senator Lafiagi for words of advice.

Ben Bruce on his social media page allong with the shared photos wrote: “Lovely time with my adopted son. He is so excited about his school & his friends. He also says he wants SpiderMan for Christmas. I love you. His name is Goodluck.


“He couldn’t hide his excitement when I reminded him that he bears same name with a former President. I love you son.


“I told my son that he is not too young to aspire. Senator Lafiagi was also happy to offer words of advice. Ambition is never too early.”

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