Meet The 9-Year-Old Engineering Genius Set To Graduate From The University


While most kids  are still trying to figure life out, This 9-year-old boy is about graduating the university with a degree in engineering!

Laurent Simons is currently enrolled at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), working toward a degree in electrical engineering.9-year-old

This 9-Year-Old is reportedly planning to receive his bachelor’s degree at the end of year.

Laurent is from Belgium. He has an IQ of 145, is making headlines for his incredible accomplishments at only 9-years-old.

Laurent has been described as “simply extraordinary” by professors and peers alik

During an interview with CNN, Laurents mom said:“They noticed something very special about Laurent,”

After taking multiple tests to figure out the best course of action for Laurent’s education, teachers told his parents that their son is “like a sponge,” which has led him to complete his classes even faster than the college-aged students at the university.

“Special students that have good reasons for doing so can arrange an adjusted schedule. In much the same way we help students who participate in top sport,” Sjoerd Hulshof, TUE education director of electrical engineering, told CNN.

According to Laurent’s Dad, The 9-year-old hopes to enroll in a Ph. D program for electrical engineering. If that wasn’t shocking enough, the 9-Year-old would also love to study a bit of medicine after his Ph. D.

Laurent’s goal in life is to develop artificial organs.

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However his parents encourage him to play like kids his age, to enable him find a balance between a child and having a talent.

To our amazement, when the 9-year-old was asked to describe himself, Laurent said: “I’m quite Lazy,”…Wow








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