Meet The ‘White Collar’ Ghanaian Corn Roaster, Sosu Patrick


Recall the Nigerian dapper windscreen cleaner, Abdullahi Olatoyan, who donned on suit to do his daily job, well, we have for you a Ghanaian counterpart.

Meet Sosu Patrick, a Ghanaian roasted corn seller who wears a suit to his work place daily.

Sosu Patrick is probably the most styled roasted corn seller in Accra, Ghana and its environs.

The dapper corn seller was captured by Kobby Blay, a Ghanaian photographer.

Sosu 1

The 40-year-old roasted corn seller popularly referred to as SP in photos which have since gone viral is seen on a suit, white shirt, a beaded tie of the Ghana flag colors topped with a wide-brimmed leather hat.

sosu 2

Sosu narrated his tale to Kobby Blay, stating that his corn roasting business started five years ago after what he decried as “a dream that this was going to be his breakthrough”.

sosu 3

He said: “I have some other children too, and they are in school where I hail from,

“I have a quite a large farm and will soon complete my house.”

Sosu maintains he keeps a high level of hygiene round his business and believes he’s Accra’s “best seller of good healthy roasted corn”.

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