Meet Woman Who Makes N300,000 a Month From Uber


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The popular saying what a man can do a woman can do better is encapsulated by the story of Bukonla Shobanjo; a married woman who is also a cab driver.

In the twenty-first century, each day reveals women who engage in professions once thought to be the traditional domains of men and excelling in them.

Professions like Bus Driver/Conductor, Mechanic and Taxi drivers are not left out of it as Nigerian women continue to venture into fields they are not known for to assert their financial independence.


Bukonla Shobanjo, the woman cab driver operates for Uber and Taxify; the two major cab companies operating in Lagos, Nigeria and she is basically ‘making it’ in the male dominated industry.

In a recent exclusive video interview with Herald TV,  Bukonla bares it all as she explains how she started and how people react to her behind the steering wheel.


Looking all happy and lively, she confides that her husband did not initially agree to the idea but he later came around urging her to take her safety seriously.

Initially she was in the Electronics business but discovered she had a lot of free time after deliveries and decided to earn something on the side.

it started as a side hustle but I do it full time now, I drive four to five times a week” she says.


Speaking about her experiences with customers she says initially they cancel on her when they discover she is a woman but eventually use her when they have no choice and no other drivers are in the area.

According to her, her customers prefer having a female driver because they find it easy to talk to her; most of them cannot hold a conversation with a male driver she says.

“People trust me. I’m like a walking Diary”.

She also says the job has given her an opportunity to meet diverse people and make many friends.

She however confirms that driving is a tedious and stressful work; especially commercial driving.

The society frowns on women driving commercially because of the stress involved “she says; she drives for about 8 – 10 hours every day.

She confirms that her customers usually marvel at how she also gets the energy to perform her marital duties at home when she was done with business for the day.




She concludes by advising women to take up the profession rather than sit at home, do nothing and depend on someone for handouts.

“Why be an idle housewife when you can do this?” she asks.

Take a look at the full video Below

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