Melania Trump Responds to CNN TV Drama: I Will Watch What i Want


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Following reports that Donald Trump was furious over his wife, Melania Trump’s TV being tuned to CNN instead of Fox news, the first lady has responded stating that she would watch whatever she wants.

Speaking through her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, the First lady stated that she would not be forced to watch anything she doesn’t want to.

According to the New York times, Trump had been furious with his staff members with emails showing that moving forward, Fox news would be the station of choice on board the Airforce One.

Melania Trump’s spokesperson also avoided questions regarding alleged audio recordings which confirmed that Donald Trump did have conversations with his lawyer Michael Cohen regarding his alleged affair with adult star, Stormi Daniels.

Mrs Trump’s spokesperson urged the media to focus on more important news events such as the First lady’s visit to a Tennessee children’s hospital that treats babies born with a dependency on drugs, also known as neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman said: “Did you know that every 15 minutes a baby is born with NAS?

“Maybe you’d like to talk about the 160,000 kids who skip school every day for fear of being bullied, or that 280,000 students are physically attacked in schools every month.”

“Seems kind of silly to worry about what channel she watches on TV (any channel she wants btw) or if she heard some recording on the news,”

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