Men with Beards More Likely to Cheat on Their Partner – Study


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A new study has revealed that men who have beards are more likely have cheated on their partner.

Two UK Companies, Eva and Censuswide observed 2000 people to determine attitudes towards facial hair.

They found that 47 per cent of men with facial hair had cheated on their partner, compared to 20 per cent clean-shaven men.

40 per cent of men with beards claimed to have stolen something, in comparison to the 17 per cent who admitted the crime, who don’t have facial hair.

Jens Wilkhom, from Eva who is also a fashion photographer said: “In my photography career I’ve certainly noticed attitudes are shifting in regards to long beards and moustaches. Fashion changes so quickly, the beard trend is one that comes in every decade or so, but we might be seeing the end of current beard cycle.”

“It definitely seems that women seem to prefer the clean shaven look and fashion will respond to that.”

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