Merkel, Politicians to Discuss Rescue Package for Lufthansa


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Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to consider a possible rescue package for Lufthansa during talks with senior politicians and the troubled airline’s chief executive next week, DPA learned on Saturday.

As the airline struggles with the fallout from cancellations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Merkel plans to meet with Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier, Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and Lufthansa’s chief executive, Carsten Spohr.

The government is said to be mulling a rescue package worth between 9 billion and 10 billion euros (9.7 billion and 10.8 billion dollars) according to sources close to the government.

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There is disagreement, however, about what form such assistance should take and about the degree of any temporary government nationalization of the airline.

Apparently some are reluctant to add additional yet more government oversight to the company, with some sources worrying that would add to the problems the company already faces.

The airline has been severely impacted by the pandemic and Spohr has already told employees to prepare for difficult times ahead.

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