Microsoft could break-up Windows to make updates faster and smaller

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Microsoft is seriously considering breaking up its Windows updates into smaller updates that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store in order to make updates faster and decoupled. The company recently announced that the new Chromium-based Edge browser will have its update delivered differently than the general Windows update. It looks like Microsoft is has decided to extend that modus operandi across its OS updates.

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Famous Microsoft tipster WalkingCat recently revealed a new app in Microsoft Store called the “Windows Feature Experience Pack”. This will suggest that the tech giant could be making changes to the way it delivers updates.

The app itself is an unusable placeholder at the moment but it contains a suspicious version number that is not the current version of Windows.

Although all these might be pure conjecture right now WalkingCat thinks that this could mean that Microsoft will deliver updates and new features separately in the future via this app.

Conjecture or not the prospect is that with the app Microsoft would release updates and features separately, delete and maybe pause certain updates while allowing others. In a way, Microsoft will put return the power of Windows update back to the end-user which has been absent since Windows 8.

In the future, we could also see a stripped-down basic version of Windows 10, that can be easily downloaded and installed, with extra features made available via separate downloads.

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