Mile 12 Market Closure: Economic Misfortune Visits Hausa Traders


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The very lucrative trade at the Mile 12 market came to an abrupt end with the closure of the market by the Lagos State Government after violent clashes left homes razed and 10 people killed.

Hausa traders who usually brought their food crops to the hitherto bustling market have been unable to sell their wares at the economic convenience they were used to before, in their newly relocated temporary market at the Berger/Kara area of Ogun state.

One source with knowledge of the occurence said, “With the closure of Mile 12 Market since the Hausa/Yoruba clash, the traders (mostly Hausa) have been losing millions of naira everyday.

“In fact, I hear tens of trucks of tomatoes have been stopping at Berger/Kara and have been selling their tomatoes and pepper at quarter the price so that the goods don’t spoil,” he added.

The Ogun State government is trying to resettle the traders in an area that is feasible to the general public.

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