Civil War : Militant Group Orders All Niger Deltans To Return Home, Declares War On Nigeria


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A new militant group known as the Isoko Liberation Movement has threatened war unless certain demands, including the disintegration of Nigeria, are met.

In an email Entitled Peaceful Disintegration or War, Spoke Man Of The Group one Com Paul Iziakpono Said

” We the Members of Isoko Liberation Movement, after much consultations with our fellow Brothers in the struggle for the peaceful disintegration of this fraud  called Nigeria Wish to Issue the Following Statement.

We  Identify with the Niger Delta Advengers, the Red Egbesu Water Lions and all fellow Agitators in The Struggle for the actualization of Niger Delta Republic

We Commend and Support our Fellow Brothers (IPOB) and their peace struggle to the actualization of the Baifra Republic. But we wish to let them know that peace and lengthy litigation’s will not yield any result in this corrupt and wicked Islamic Government controlled by an illiterate old fool.

We advise all Niger Deltan’s still living in the northern and western part of the country to return home within seven days as their safety cant not be guaranteed after then.

We advise the Buhari Lead Government to as a matter of urgency call a national conference to discuss the peaceful disintegration of Nigeria or standby and watch the country sink.

We are giving the Buhari Lead Government of this fraud called Nigeria  seven Days to Release IPOB Leader kanu Nnamdi or we shall rain hell on all oil installation within the Isoko Land.

For all those Isoko politicians who thinks they want to work with the Nigeria government to fish us out, our advise for you is watch your back, for we know all your every move.

Finally we really do not think that any Isoko sons or daughter’s blood is worth spilling, so please  stay out of our way.”


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  1. Naija_Conscience says

    South south, South East, middle belt and indeed the progressive segment of south west should rise in unison to firmly reject the corruption and fraud called Nigeria.

    1. ODOFIN, Lagos says

      How is Nigeria a corruption and fraud? What is the alternative you are offering? In your own view, how do you think Nigeria should be divided? Have you thought about the crisis facing South Sudan people who agitated to separate from Sudan? If Niger Delta becomes a Republic, what do you think will happen to various tribes and ethnics in the region against the domination of Ijaw and even your Urhobo? Please answer all these questions to convince me to accept your offer. My piece advice to you is that GOD HAS HAND IN THE CREATION OF NIGERIA AND NO MAN OR GROUP CAN DIVIDE EXCEPT GOD.

      1. Naija_Conscience says

        Nigerian oil is dug from SS and Se but its proceeds are shared for the whole country. Cocoa from sw is not shared, lagos igr is not shared. Cattle, tomatoes, millet, sorghum, maize, sugar cane from the north are not shared. The worsen the matter, the oil is dug recklessly damaging the environment. Even the sharing formula is fraudulent. Land mass is 70% north, 13% sw and only 12% niger delta.
        Population as fraudulently counted is 56% north, 22% to SW and only 12% niger delta.
        Local government areas with Kano having 44, katsina 34, oyo 33, Osun 31 are the biggest. Bayelsa is only 8, rivers much bigger than osun is 23.
        Numbers of federal constituencies follows same pattern. The only zone with 5 states is the se.
        The areas where other regions have disadvantages they rig it e.g ridiculous unity school cut off marks for Northern states, quota system, federal character. Now see how the oil blocs that are in the Niger delta are allocated mostly to the north and south west. See how we are having too many northern rulers second only by south west. See the poor federal infrastructure in the SS and Se whereas the revenue is from there. Why must certain ministries be reserved for sw and north e.g. federal capital, defence, also customs, NPA etc. Most of Nigeria oil assets are normally sold either to SW or north such as national oil, African petroleum, agip, unipetrol, texaco etc why why why? Nigeria is presently a fraud.

      2. umuoma says

        You want a reason?…It is better we are dominated by people that we have the same faith , intermarry and have the same blood lineage than Hausas/Yoruba oligarchy , who have been dominating us for the past 50 years !!!!.Therefore your propaganda of dominance by our own bloodly neighbours is now a farce !!..That is the same way you deceived us against our Igbo brothers and now all you maggots from the north/sw are worst off than decent Igbo people whose interest is to even help you develop your region !!!!…How many hausas /Yoruba have invested thier hard earned resources in either the south south or South east ?.They hardly do that , the worst of them all is the hausas!.A nuisance set of tribe , highly back ward in all remification. There only left over property in the south is shanty houses and batchers! !..They hardly have any capital investment in the south and after they will say we are one Nigeria ?.There only evil interest and one that keeps us as one is the OIL!

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