Militants strike again, Blow up NPDC/Shoreline pipeline in Niger Delta


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The Afesere Ekiugbo  delivery line, operated  by the Nigeria petroleum  development Company (NPDC) was blown Up yesterday,  by a militant group called the Niger delta  Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM)

Awesome pipeline was bombed by 11.30pm, on September  18th,  2016. The group attacked  at the Ekiugbo delivery line in Ughelli operated by the NPDC/shorelines.

The federal  government  is the expected to intervene as the group is unrelenting in their attacks.

The militant group also revealed  that they were just beginning  and intend to do worse,  by the time the alpha operations  are initiated.

Workers of the oil and Gas companies,  who believe  in the government  were warned by the Niger delta Greenland  Justice  Mandate.

In their  words “We have observed  that you have placed your trust in the gun and fighter jet of the Nigerian Armed Forces,  our words for you are few: keep at it and wait for your rewards  which have almost come upon you.  It is a reflection  of your minds towards our people”.

The group  also accused  the workers of not believing the Niger Deltas were deserving of anything good rather they hide behind the government  to oppress them and soil their lands.

Niger Delta Greenland  Justice  Mandate also threatened  to uproot  every asset of the workers in their community.

The people of Niger Delta,  who believe they have been failed by the government,  as they do not have access to social amenities,  hence leaving them to suffer have hidden under this group  to speak and act.

It further called upon “Shorelines, first hydrocarbons,  NPDC,  Agip,  Seplat,  to wait for their actions  as they are prepared  for them and are ready to bear the consequences.”


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