Minister Advocates Deportation of Stray Dogs, Cats


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An Israeli cabinet minister has proposed that stray dogs and cats be deported to another country instead of ‘wasting’ government funds to sterilize them.

This view was expressed in a letter by Agriculture Minister, Uri Ariel, to a fellow minister, which was leaked to the Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

“Use the budget to transfer stray dogs and/or cats of one gender (all the males or all the females) to a foreign nation that will agree to accept them,” Ariel wrote.

The minister has been under fire from animal rights and opposition politicians, just as his spokesperson has been having a hard time explaining that the proposal had been rejected on initial consultation within the Agriculture Ministry.

Ariel is said to be a religious Jew who views spaying and neutering as possible violations of God’s directive “to be fruitful and multiply.”


Source: Yahoo News

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