Missing Teenager Found Raped and Murdered Near Family Home


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A 14 year old declared missing since September 16, was found raped and murdered near her family home in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The teenager identified as Faith Ifeoluwa Ojewoye went missing shortly after returning from an errand. According to her mother, the teenager was sent to fill a gas cylinder the day she went missing.

The teenager came back from filling the gas cylinder and went out again almost immediately without the knowledge of her parents. That was the last time she was heard from before her body was found in an uncompleted building near their home.

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The police were called to evacuate the corpse of the murdered girl to the mortuary after she was found dead. According to reports from local sources, the parents were made to bear the cost of evacuating the corpse.

There has been a high rate of missing persons lately with social media filled with appeals for help. While some of the missing people were found alive but severely assaulted physically and sometimes sexually, most missing persons have turned up dead.


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