It is impossible to stick to one woman for one year – Nigerian man


A Facebook user has fanned the flames of Infidelity into a fiery furnace after he stated that no man can stick to one woman for more than a year,

Admonishing ladies not to fall into deception or wishful thinking, Bede Nnamdi Nwulu wrote: “Ladies… Don’t let anyone deceive you… No man can stick to only one woman for more than a year without tasting another woman!”

no man can stick to one woman after one year

Reacting to the unsolicited admonition, Nigerians have since blasted Nnamdi who they accused of being an enabler of infidelity, a vice that threatens marriage culture in the nation and world in general.

Here are some of the reactions culled from Instablog9ja

This right here is a blatant lie, it’s hard but some of us can!

No man can stick to one woman for one year yet! You’ll become mad when that woman goes to do same thing! My gender are funny! Can’t take what they dish? 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

You better talk for yourself
I was with one girl without tasting any other for 5years

Speak For Your Uncontrollable Self Bro.

See this one Dey use style tell him babe say i no do again 🤣🤣🤣 no worry we understand.

SPEAK for yourself fella. Not everyone is promiscuous 💥💥💥

It is better to keep shut and be assumed a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts

I don’t like it when people generalize like this. It’s better for him to speak for himself and not for every men. Men are being portrayed in negative light🤦‍♂️

Meanwhile, here are some comments from some LIB readers

Cheat naaa! Women don’t stop fasting and praying for you to be responsible. They don’t open their eye 👁 Some women have figured out how to take care of themselves. Continue waiting for them to cry, fast, pray and beg you to stop cheating. Women are slapping you back by given you children from their side boo. Some of us get lesbian girlfriends to help us out. Na win win ! Ndi alaaaa


See eh! You are not cheating on your wive. You are cheating on yourself. You are destroying your future with few minutes pleasure. Ask yourself why your progress in life is stunted. Yes, you may be thinking that you are hurting your partner, dear you are destroying your life.

Carry on! If your woman notice it, some either cheat back and born you a child from another man while some won’t accept it and they go ahead and divorce you. So, few minutes of pleasure is rolling so fast to destroy your life. Looooooooool!

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You guys talk about women like they are pieces of objects to use and discard at will. That is why when a woman has been so badly ‘destroyed’ by men they love so much and they turn that love to an equal level of hate, you start screaming ;scorned woman’….’hell has no fury like….’ Look, Women have choices and feeling too, don’t take them for granted.

Why not, I’ve been married for 5yrs now and never thought of cheating even though I get numerous advances. The truth is some guys will never grow up and will always mess around, marriage is not for everybody.This is my advice, marry a woman you are attracted to sexually, if you like a woman with big ass or big breast or lepa get your taste. Women too should try and keep shape, look good, imagine marrying a sexy shapely woman and within just a year, she had turned to elephant even without being pregnant, it’s natural there will be problem.

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