Moi-Moi Palavar: Mega Chicken Claps Back


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Following a viral claim by a social media user that she was sold a bad moi-moi from one of Mega Chicken’s outlet in Lagos, the firm has come forward with a release addressing the allegation.

See the social media user’s complaint:


Read the reply below:

We have become aware of a recent social media post by Ms Blessing Egbe claiming to have bought a sub-standard product from one of our outlets in Lagos. Naturally, we find this claim to be troubling and also inconsistent with the experience of customers.

We noted the timeline described in Ms Egbe’s post and have thus replicated the conditions the product Ms Egbe bought would have gone through over the period described. In our tests, we observe no appreciable depreciation in the quality of the tested products; indeed we find no significant variation in the overall quality of the product over the timeline described. Based on the foregoing and the fact that we have in place at our outlets appropriate Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based food safety management systems, we are doubtful of the veracity of Ms Egbe’s claims.

We are always willing to listen to our customers, and have a system in place to receive valuable feedback from them. We endeavour to respond promptly and adequately to all customer enquiries and complaints when they are made. Should Ms Egbe decide to make a formal complaint, we will be happy to respond to it accordingly.

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