Momodu Questions Osinbajo’s Position As VP, Gives Him Words Of Encouragement

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Dele Momodu has reacted to the controversial news that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the sack of some of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s aides.

According to earlier reports, 35 presidential aides of Vice President Osinbajo were sacked by President Buhari without Osinbajo’s Knowledge.

Later, news got out that Osinbajo had actually tried to delay the sack of his aides, but his efforts seemed to not bring forth any result as the President carried on with the disengagement of his aides.

Some believed that Buhari was not aware of the sack letters, they believed the cabals were behind the sack of Osinbajo’s aides.

Momodu, speaking on the development, said the office of Osinbajo as Vice President is always at the mercy of of the President.

According to Daily Post, Momodu urged Osinbajo not to be frustrated by the circumstances around him.

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Momodu tweeted: “The Vice President’s position is always at the mercy of The President.

“VP Osinbajo should remain loyal to his boss. If they chase snakes to him, he should chase peaceful rats to them.

“Even if they put his desk and chair in the rain, he should borrow an umbrella… NO FIGHTING!

“His life is dependent on God and nothing should frustrate him.”


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