Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

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2 thoughts on “Her Monster Husband Did this! – Sister of Brutalized Nigerian Lady (Graphic Photos)

  1. No one, no.person has any right to hit another person ever. However since assault laws are never handled in Nigeria this does not surprise me. Thos an think his wife is his slave. He is a lucky man , in my family , we will load up and go beat the the life our of him. Nobody, no man lay a hand on my sisters we tell them this publicly on wedding date. “Argue, disagree what ever but if you ever hit her “Please stand up” all the men in the family stand. We are coming like a gang”.

  2. Kayode, from your statement you are not better than the wife beater. Beside you did not hear from the side you have already took decision, you are not there even if the victim is your sister that not how to handle such matter because he did met her in the street he might have approached your family for her hand in marriage. I am not supporting a wife beater until you have a troublesome woman as a wife you will know what am talking about, all that need to be here is to counsel the ciouples as to adjust to each other or have have the marriage terminated.

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