Morphogenesis – An Exhibition of Paintings by John Madu


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Morphogenesis is the title of the upcoming art exhibition of recent paintings by John Madu who is an emerging visual artist. His style borders on the lines of surrealism and figurative symbolism. Dark and greyish palettes in both oil and acrylic on film and canvass dominate John Madu’s exhibition pieces.

The works being exhibited at Morphogenesis explore man as an organism and his interaction with his current environment. It promises to be an exciting experience for every visitor as we introduce new interactions between the visitors and the artist like live painting, to keep every participant engaged all week long.

The theme of John Madu’s work is drawn from his perception of the human psyche, and studies of Elsie Lincoln Benedict’s research “how to analyze people on sight” based on the untapped resources of the mind and digression of human relationships. The paintings for this exhibition were created during a period of two years, which progressed into a more recent mode of practice by John Madu.

This rare and spectacular exhibition will run at DIDI Museum which is the first private museum in Nigeria. Holding John Madu’s solo debut exhibition at DIDI Museum is strategic as DIDI Museum represents the first private effort to coordinate, preserve and exhibit our collective heritage from across Nigeria and indeed, from across the whole continent of Africa. The museum is located at No.175 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos and the exhibition will run from the 11th to 21st September 2015.

John Madu lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria as a fulltime studio artist and fabric designer, he was born in 1983 in Lagos and hails from Delta State, Nigeria. He is a self-taught artist and holds a BSc in Policy and Strategic Studies from Covenant University. He has participated in several group exhibitions and his works can be found in collections in Nigeria, Canada, and France.

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  1. Sheke says

    This is very good, it’s interesting to see young Nigerians pursuing a future in something other than politics and oil and gas. My brother more grease to your elbow, I pray that God will take you to an enviable height in the art industry ..,,,wow!!!!!!!! I’m so excited and yes of course I will be at d exinition

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