Most people on the internet are living fake lives – Dolapo Osinbajo

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Wife of the Vice President of Nigeria, Dolapo Osinbajo has admonished Nigerian youths to refrain from imitating the lifestyle of people they see on the Internet. She described it as a mere illusion.

In a town hall meeting, at the New Banquet hall in Makurdi, Dolapo Osinbajo gave the admonition to Benue Youths.

Dolapo believes most internet users live their lives to impress followers. According to her, some people even borrow robes to keep appearances, thereby living a life of illusion which does not conform with reality.

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“The people on the Internet do not even look like themselves when you see them, they live on borrowed robs. Internet is just an illusion. It is a cartoon. This generation has everything to be happy; during our youthful days, we had no phones, no internet, yet we were happy and have produced great Nigerians for you today.

“You need to be responsible else your generation will end up with pilots, medical doctors, nurses, engineers, bankers, security personnels etc that may be all drug addicts, ” she advised.

Mrs. Osinbajo made a comparison of the present generation with her generation, noting that people were happy back in the days, despite the absence of internet.

The Number 2 lady in the country also advised the youths to take caution on their posts on the internet, adding that Organisations check social media background of job applicants before recruiting.


“A Nigerian prince and princess should have a good background, they should not be bought by a mere recharge card. The child that has made himself or herself Unclad today on the internet cannot be employed in any responsible company in Nigeria tomorrow, because they will check their internet records before employing now.

“Nigeria is waiting for you; the things you do today determine your tomorrow, don’t eat your tomorrow today. Everyone is waiting for you, everyone is praying for you, ” she cautioned.

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