ISIS Fighters Execute 232 Civilians, Many Others Used As Shields In Battle

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ISIS fighters have executed 232 civilians, and have used thousands of hostages as human shields in order to advance through troop forces.

Kurdish and Iraqi Forces had penetrated close to the city to attack the Jihadists.


This action, which infuriated the Islamic fighters, led them to apply ruthlessness by using hostages as human shields.

The Islamic fighters further engaged in massive killings of civilians, and former Iraqi security forces who refused to pledge alliance to the group.

Recently, the terror group had bound three of its jihadists with ropes and thrown them into a fire for retracting from the battlefield.

Rauna Shamdassani, an officer from the UN High Commission for Human Rights, affirmed the terror group’s killings which took place on Wednesday.

“On Wednesday, ISIS executed 42 civilians in Human-al-Alil, a town south of Mosul, also on Wednesday, ISIS executed 190 former Iraqi security forces for refusing to join them, in the Al -Ghazlani base near Mosul,” Rauna said.

ISIS is known to punish people who defile orders by using torture and other severe means of punishment.


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