Mother Goes For Omugwo, Gets Pregnant For Son-In-Law

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Wonders they say will never end.  A twitter user, identified as Uncle Chike, took to his tweeter page to warn people of Port Harcourt women.

Apparently  a 57-year-old mother who had initially gone to do Omugwo for her daughter who had just delivered ended up performing more than her motherly duties expected of her, She decided to engage in a sexual relationship with her daughters husband.

The hidden relationship between the two bore a secret that could not be hidden for long as the mother got pregnant for her son-in-law.

Uncle Chike tweeted: ” Man… Fear PH women.

“How can you go for omugwo and get pregnant for your son-in-law?

How? Why is a 57 yr old woman pregnant for her son-in-law?

What sort of “end of the world” nonsense is this?.

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