Mothering Sunday: Mothers should be helpmates, submissive


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Mothers have been enjoined to play the role of helpmate, home keeper and be submissive to their husbands.

Mrs Evelyn Uzorka-Nwafili, Vice-President, Mothers’ Union/Women’s Guild, Gudu Archdeaconry, gave this advise on Sunday in her sermon titled “The Wife of Nobel Character” at the Basilica of Grace Anglican Church Gudu.

Uzorka-Nwafili, who spoke on the occassion of 2019 Mothering Sunday and took her text from Proverbs 31:10-31, said a woman as a helpmate was supposed to complement her husband.

“A woman was made for a man to be a suitable helper, so as woman you must learn to adapt in order to keep your home.

“Women should support their husbands financially, emotionally, spiritually and in every area.”

She also advised mothers to remain attractive to their husbands so they do not get lured by other women.

According to her, some women just leave themselves; everything is about packaging, even with limited resources you can package yourself very well.

She advised women to eat healthy, exercise regularly and try to fit into how their husbands liked them.

Speaking on submission, Uzorka-Nwafili enjoined women to submit to their husbands in everything irrespective of their status and experience.

She also appealed to the men to support and love their wives in order to encourage them in their responsibilities.

“Husbands should note that not because wives have been commanded to be submissive, they should now become dictators in the home.

“Men, listen to your wives; the ability to submit to each other is a contributory factor to a successful marriage.”

Commenting on being a home keeper, she advised women to be domestically inclined by keeping the home clean and making provision for the family.

She advised mothers to be involved in raising their children by taking proper care of them, given them special attention and praying for them.

Uzorka-Nwafili warned mothers not to leave their children to househelps or baby-sitters so they do not get wrong advise as she reminded them that they would give account to God for all their children.

“As a women you should be hard working, not idle, enterprising and you should not discriminate among the children in your home whether they are your biological children or not. (NAN)

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