“Mourinho Will be Gone by Christmas”- Former United Player Claims


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All is not rosy at Old Trafford as Manchester United fell to Brighton on Sunday 3-2 and many now feel Mourinho will not last the season.

Among those saying this is Lee Sharpe. He was a winger with the Red Devils and was part of the infamous ‘Class of 92’

According to Sharpe, Mourinho is “the wrong man for the job” and will be “gone before Christmas”

Mourinho is now in his 3rd Season at United and has so far delivered 3 trophies to the side but has seen things go awry in recent times including a disastrous transfer window and now a defeat this early in the season

Speaking to Press Association Sport, Sharpe said: “He is the wrong man for the job.

“When he came to Chelsea the first time he was quite charming and fun, but now he just seems dour and fed up.

“He’s moaned about not signing new players and not bigging up the ones he’s got.

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“The football’s not entertaining and what makes it twice as bad is that their two biggest rivals, Man City and Liverpool, do play exciting football.

“His negative style does not fit in with the expansive football that United fans want. I think he’ll be gone before Christmas.”

He also criticised the Portuguese’s confrontational style with his players saying that it divides the players rather than unite them

“I do not think Mourinho has handled the [Paul] Pogba situation very well.

“It was the same with Luke Shaw before that. Any views should be kept in-house and not appear in the press.

“Mourinho talks about class [he accused Manchester City of lacking it by making their Amazon TV series] but that is the sign of class in my eyes.

“Every player who played for Sir Alex Ferguson – whether they liked him or not – respected him because you knew that any grievances would not be aired in the press.”

Lee isn’t optimistic for this season as he says the early signs have not been good: “I think United fans accepted second last year because they were behind a City side breaking loads of records,

“But, if they are down in third and fourth and playing rubbish, are the fans and the board, in particular, still going to put up with that? I’m not so sure.”

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