Movie Review: Wonder Woman – The Good and The Bad

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Finally! DC’s strongest heroine has seen her first movie hit the cinemas, blowing everyone away in sequential action scenes very well done in such a way that it just delivers pleasure to the senses and the right dosage of adrenaline to the system.

In a year filled with sequels that are introducing or expanding cinematic universes with blockbuster “cinematic universe” movie is starting to slowly cannibalize itself with repetition, Patty Jenkins’ near-perfect Wonder Woman may have just put the whole genre on her back, along with putting every other superhero film on notice.

Inspiring performanes from Gal Galdot, Robin Wright, and Chris Pine would leave you gasping for more and salivating at the prospect of the release of Justice League of America in the near future.

Wonder Woman is an origin story that rises above the tried and true formula that we’ve been used to for almost a decade. It tells a story about duty, redemption, human nature, and ultimately, love as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman comes of age in war-torn 1910’s Europe.

While using the WWI as the timeframe for the movie was a risk, it deviated from the normal Hollywood story telling by pitching earnest story about equality with the titular character at the center.

Below are what it got right (good)

Gal Gadot: Honestly, Gal Gadot killed it as Wonder Woman…….She quite literally embodies the character Diana Prince/WonderWoman. Switching between childlike naiveté to the heartache of losing her loved ones, Gadot bounces off of her co-stars and handles the emotional weight of the movie at a level that is awe-inspiring.

Chris Pine: It’s not an everyday thing to see a man play sidekick to a woman, much less a bad ass superheroine. However, it is worthy to note that the expression of the chemistry between Gadot and Chris Pine played a key role in the success of the movie. Pine acts as the wingman of sorts to Wonder Woman’s understanding of how life outside of Themyscira works, showing an emotional honesty that most secondary characters in the Superhero genre can barely reach.

Wonder Woman is Badass: While the audience was privy to a glimpse of how cool Wonder Woman was from her small cameo appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that’s just a small fraction of the badass things that she shows off in her debut solo movie. In just a sentence; she owned her movie….it’s that simple.

On the flip side, no movie is perfect…there will always be flaws in the props, settings and plots.

Weak secondary characters: Characters outside the narrative of the movie aren’t given any time to grow or become people that we care about. This is understandable because much attention had given to Wonder Woman/Diana’s evolution.

Nevertheless, the movie still remains a must watch….

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