Breaking: Mugabe’s burial postponed indefinitely

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The burial of Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe has been postponed indefinitely. The burial had earlier been scheduled to hold on Sunday 15, September but it looks like it will not be holding anymore and there is no definite date fixed yet according to Zimlive.

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Members of the family of the Zimbabwean fallen icon confirmed the development to Zimlive.

The spokesman for the family, President’s nephew, Leo Mugabe said the ex-President was a chief and would, therefore, be given a traditional burial.

He said,

Mugabe was chief and he will be buried in accordance with tradition. The chiefs have not told us where he will be buried, so it is not clear yet. I also don’t know,

A report states that in Zimbabwe, burials of chiefs are a secret affair and people are only told the resting place afterward.

Robert Mugabe’s body is expected back in Zimbabwe on Wednesday.

Robert died at the age of 95 in Singapore on Sunday. He renamed his country to Zimbabwe, it was formerly called Rhodesia


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