Murdered Man Sends Hollywood Movie Set For Horror Film Into Panic


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It isn’t uncommon for there to be weird incidents around the set of horror movies. There were fires on the set of the exorcist, real-life hauntings on the set of Conjured and strange occurrences on the set of ‘The Amityville Horror’

The movie is called ‘Haunt’ and it is being headed by the writers of ‘A Quiet Place’, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck

A  senior park ranger Mark Manlapaz was fatally stabbed while working his shift as a public safety specialist close to the set and as a result the set was shut down.

Recalling the incident, Todd Garner, a Producer of the movie said; “We were all sitting outside and just as we went back in the house, we looked out the window and there were police cars screaming up the road,”

The police then proceeded to lock down the set and request the producers to do a headcount to see if there was anyone missing.

“We could see that a lot of attention was being placed on two vehicles but we really didn’t know anything other than something major was going on. It was so scary.” said Garner

Not only was the park manager stabbed to death, the suspect was also gunned down, all of this happened around 200 yards from the movie set.

The suspect of the stabbing was later identified by authorities as campus custodian Rodney Lee Hunter.

“We heard about 12-15 gunshots,” says Garner

“No one on set witnessed the murder, but we realized that it was best not to do any more filming outside that day. I’ve been doing this a long time, and every time I think I’ve seen it all, something happens. Seeing this play out in real time was surreal. As a producer, you want to be responsible and weigh all the factors but this was real life and death stuff. Definitely the most freaked out I’ve been on a movie set.”

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