Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

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5 thoughts on “Muslim Group Raises Alarm Over Christianization of Amotekun

  1. Professor Ishaq Oloyede seems to be a good example of a very very bad and dangerous leader. Nigeria has been magnanimous enough to bless him with wealth of knowledge, up to the enviable position of a Professor but his soul is yet timid and irresponsible to the expectations of his educational qualification persona.
    His views and expressions are usually of a timid and irresponsibly shallow minded defeatist heart.
    Amotekun is to protect a Race/Ethnic group and not a religion.
    Your wisdom is very far apart from that of your educational qualification.

    1. Mr. Anonymous ignorance. Why do you not address the allegations if you are vested with such rights or able to do so. Or let that be done by any person vested with such. And stop this exhibition of shallow mindedness.

  2. Ishaq Oloyede is inarguably a terrorist. A very very dangerous snake that must be eliminated as urgent as possible. A very terrible cancer cell that must be plucked out before he set SW on fire.

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