Muslim Village In India Celebrates Being Renamed After Trump


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A remote village in India ‘The village of Marora’ is reportedly in a celebratory mood after its name was changed to ‘Trump Village’

According to reports, the name change was made as part of a campaign to promote sanitation and also celebrate U.S. President Donald Trump. The sanitation program featured the grand opening of new toilets and new vocational training facility for the town’s female population.

Trump Village, located in the Mewat district in the Indian state of Haryana, is a town of roughly 2,000 residents. Haryana is in Northern India and about 50 miles south of New Delhi.

President Trump has labelled a ‘muslim hater’ by critics however the villagers don’t really care about that. “I do not care if Trump is a Muslim baiter. All I know is he is against Muslims who cause violence and destroy countries. He is the president of a powerful country,” villager Zorauddin stated in an interview with German public broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.

Sulabh International chief Bindeshwar Pathak revealed that he idea to rename Marora “Trump Village” came to him on a visit to the U.S. He told DW that: “The idea was born when I was in the U.S. recently,”
“Trump’s slogan is ‘Make America Great Again, ‘ and our Modi’s credo is ‘Make in India’ so I thought why not make a humble beginning honoring the friendship of the two.” he added.

Sulabh International is a big part of the Clean India Campaign from Prime Minster Modi.

An American official also graced the ‘renaming’ ceremony. According to DW, “Puneet Ahluwalia, vice-chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee in the U.S. and a member of Trump’s Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee, was also present at the occasion and inaugurated some of the newly built toilets.”

Speaking about Trump, Ahluwalia said: “He is the leader of the free world,” Ahluwalia added. “This is a great tribute, and there are shared ideals between both countries. It will take a while for the name to sink in but it will happen.”

Still some don’t buy into the name change as they see it as a political show. One local

Still, some felt the name change was just a political show. One local student doubted if the American president even knew where Haryana or Mewat are in India. The event took place even as Indians living in the United States are largely leaning toward the Republican party in the Trump era.

Last month, the head of the Republican Hindu Coalition told Breitbart News that by targeting the interests of America’s Hindu and Indian voters, President Trump’s campaign marked a turning point in the relationship they have with the Republican Party.

Trump’s influence has been felt in India too as his policy of eliminating Muslim extremism coincides India’s fight against radical Islam, which has been ongoing dated back to several years ago.

During his first meeting with the American president, PM Modi revealed to the press that the: “The top priority for both President Trump and myself is to protect our society from global challenges like terrorism — and because our aim is the strengthening of India and the USA – two great democracies in the world – friends.”

Modi was adamant that Trump was showing “great leadership” in the fight against radical Islam, and even pointed out that the Indian and U.S. navies would soon create a closer working relationship in a bid to provide maritime security in the Indian Ocean and beyond.


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