My Dream About Aso Rock Burglary – By Doyin Okupe


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This piece originally titled, “Any Daniel In The House?” was written by former Senior Special Assistant to President Jonathan on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe about Monday’s attempted burglary at the residence of Chief of Staff to the President, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari…

I had a most interesting and intriguing dream last night.

Apparently I had gone to the Villa to commiserate with the Chief of Staff, Professor Ibrahim Gambari on the attempted burglary of his residence.

On getting to the office I was informed that he was with the President in a meeting.

I then decided to visit my folks in my former office and check on Femi Adesina. I was greeted with so much warmth and conviviality that made me feel incredibly elated. There Rosemary, my former secretary told me her boss was with the President and that “the whole Nigeria is here today”, a statement which I did not take too seriously then.

She then asked if I would like to say hello to the members of the press corps hanging around to hear the outcome of this “big” meeting.

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As we stepped down to the corridor leading to the Council chambers, lo and behold, all the big men were trooping out in their numbers from the said meeting.

From the distance I could see former Presidents Gowon, Babangida, Abdulsalam, Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan.

There were many traditional rulers and religious leaders and so many notable past and current leaders of the country.

President Obasanjo shouted my name in his characteristic manner: DOYIN!!!

I walked very briskly to pay obeisance to him and other elders and leaders.

The Sultan who was close by greeted me with the usual strong northern accent…

DOCTER! to which I responded… Your Royal Highness. My boss and mentor President Babangida who on this occasion was in full babanriga and standing erect with his disarming smile patted me on the back and in his familiar high pitched voice said, “Doyin, I got your messages through Mohammed but why keep away for so long?”

I thereafter apologised profusely.

Then OBJ grabbed me from behind and pulled me aside.

He then whispered to me and said; tell your people that we have resolved the matter. There is no need to clamour for impeachment.

So. I replied, “Baba, who are my people?”

He responded: Mr Foolish!! I mean the media. “Oh!” I retorted.

Then Baba continued: it just remains some grey areas and a small committee including the Ooni, Baba Adeboye, the Senate President and few other leaders are presently meeting with the Vice President. Tomorrow after further consultations we will address a press conference and the President will address the nation in the evening. Let us see later in the hotel. I thanked him and I left.

By this time the crowd of leaders had thinned out. But in a distance I saw the Chief of Staff rounding up with handshakes with some of the remaining leaders.

I approached him and we exchanged pleasantries. Surprisingly he mentioned to me that he learnt I was in his office earlier. I nodded in confirmation. He then asked me to please wait for him in his office and that he will like to discuss one or two things with me. As I turned to go, I woke up from my sleep and discovered it’s all being a dream.

Funny enough, I hardly have any serious dreams and none of my dreams have actually had anything to do with reality.

However, if there are any Prophet Daniels in the house please let them try to interpret this dream for whatever it’s worth even if for the fun of it.

In particular:

  1. What was discussed at the meeting of the leaders with the president?
  2. What did Baba OBJ mean by saying “we have resolved the matter”?
  3. What was the special committee discussing with the VP?
  4. Why did the CoS ask me to wait and see him?

Please no harsh or rude or hate comments or emotional outbursts. Kindly restrict your comments to the interpretation or your understanding of the dream.

May the Lord enlighten the minds of our understanding in Jesus Name.


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